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Sunday, 25 September 2011

try again shall I

Few weeks ago my laptop got stolen out of my car while I was on training  guess it was my own fault for not taking it with me or hiding it under the seat  just my look .Id had all my passwords saved  with Norton
so I Hadley ever signed in  as all passwords were different i did write some passwords down but seamed to have lost the pad with them on .so someone out there is having a grate time with a good little laptop hope there happy along with my phone thieving bastards got a replacment phone now even got to keep the number   had insurance on the car so the broken window soon got sorted  just gratfull thats all the damage to the car .

no joy with the laptop didnt take the insurance out on it at the time didnt think ad need it

also I have moved again staying with my mate Tony to cut a long story short Scot asked me to move out the flat as he needed to get his head sorted out and I agreed for the sake of the relationship wich has taked a few knocks latelly but we havent given up yet I admit ive been a bit down in the dumps  latley maybe taking things to personally blaming myself for everything thats happened but after a few chats with Tony & mum ad snaped out of it i know scots name is mud right now with certain people but am dealing with it my way .
ive really missed bloging and reading blogs got a bit of catching up to do but i will get there .
                                    will post again soon  take care    Lee